we handle hair.







is a hair salon
in north williamsburg.

voe is —
voice of empowerment

voe is —

vision of excellence

voe is —
value of experience

They say “the industry’s changing” as if it's doing it on its own. We
want to be the voice of that change. A voice that speaks for us. Maybe
an opportunity to think about the voice that speaks within you. What does the self that makes a self-starter have to say?

A collective vision where our personalities and our clients' personalities are the eyes for elegance, form, and precision.
The look you get when tech-
nique becomes something
you actually wear.

Inclusive and exclusive. Sounds
like a paradox. That’s ok. All
things that are truly excellent
sound impossible at first. A place where you feel welcome, and can collaborate with us. But, also a
place of quietude and rarity.

Voe is really just a word we gave to what we wanted to do. It's like any other word where its meaning is open-ended and always changing. just like our business. just like our clients. we were thinking it would be cool if you could help us out with the definition.


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nothing but hair here. 

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